Monday, August 11, 2008

Long time no blog

I think it's this way with everyone this summer with the notable exceptions of those people without children or children who are of age to amuse themselves without maiming themselves, I mean, I can barely find two seconds to bath (don't get too close and thank you Bath and Body Works Body Spray), much less blog, write, breath, eat or um...oh yeah, that distant memory sleep. So far this summer I haven't.....
1. won the lottery.
2. died my hair green.
3. officially potty trained Leesy.
4. figured out how to find some energy.
5. even started tagging my fall weeruns stuff.
6. found a cure for any diseases (though I faithfully donate my dollar anytime they ask at the grocery store, restaurant or gas station, but how can I be sure the wierdo behind the counter didn't go to Kinko's and make some hearts/clovers/hand prints himself just to raise beer money?)
7.gotten a bad sunburn.
8. read half my summer reading list (I did finish the Harry Potter's good stuff, that)

But, I have....
1. made some great new friends
2. got a great pedicure (see color here)
3. kept most of my appointments
4. remembered to take my vitamin.
5. decided to move to Tahiti indefinitely
6. moved on from my obsession with karaoke to being obsessed with karma (I like K what Kan I say?)
7. tried to pull my daughters teeth out while she's sleeping.
8. discovered a new way to sleep with eyes open, well, it's called being awake and is really nothing like sleeping. Will keep you posted on results of staying awake for days on end.

Summer as we think of summer is officially grinding to an end, we've registered for dance, I have PTO meeting tonight and we've begun making family labor day plans....but I LOVE fall, and hopefully will be V. productive concerning my writing come September. We will see.
Hope everyone is well....R


Kendra Haneline said...

glad to see you've surfaced from the drowning waters of summer. i'm ready to get back into moms coffee nights... i need one BAD!

The Gardner Gang said...

Good blog girl. I also enjoyed those Harry Potter books but that was so last summer. :) I'm glad to be back in the blogging world. I forgot how much my blogging buddies cheer me up.