Friday, May 29, 2009

A subject anywhere, sometimes you just know.

Dieting sucks. I'm just saying, it would be much easier if you could eat more food or if you could oh, i don't know exercise less. Then dieting would be loads of fun. You know what else would make dieting fun?


or Carbs.

or hey some chocolaty carby combination?

chocolate covered pretzels?

chocolate dipped pound cake (PS. this is a real thing, I discovered it at the Asheville Mall on Tuesday at a fantastic kiosk called, (believe it or not) chocolate covered..)
Dieting would be ideal if it involved more chocolate, carbs, and sugary treats.
I love sugary treats.

and to be honest, exercise isn't bad.
When I'm in shape, but sadly, each workout only serves to make me realize how far from where I once used to be workout wise, I mean I once ran for fun, miles and miles (oh, OK mile)

It's just the eating, or lack thereof, that bothers me.

Once I discover an all you can eat chocolate/carb diet, where only minimal exercise is necessary, then I should be good.
Because honestly, I'm struggling, I work with food every single day, good fattening food. And I'm in a rush, every single day, so what happens is, I get in a rush, and then I end up eating fattening not so good for me food in a rush. (Chocolate, carbs, sugary treats)
Now, I should go..cuz well, I'm hungry.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Love me, Love my technology

Never having been the most technologically advanced person, I am never happy to embrace a tiny machine that may or may not be smarter than me. I was reluctant to switch to digital camera from film camera, ask people who knew me, I was all, it's not like a regular camera, how can the quality be just as good? I'm a big whiny baby, I don't want to learn how to work something new, I just got the hang of my film camera.
Then my husband, who thinks he knows better than me, went and bought me a digital camera, and then I was all, where have you been all my life digital camera? I love you with your endless storage and ability to never print bad pictures of my enormous backside and chubby pregnant face.
So I was wrong, once.

But it couldn't happen more than once, right?


Along come the Blu-Ray disc, and while this is more my husbands area than mine, I still managed to resist the Blu-Ray/Plasma/high-def thing for a good while, I used the whole 'remember Laser Discs? this may not last either...blah, blah...'
Not buying it, again my husband the smartie, was like we need a new TV anyway and look at the pretty flatness...ooooo ahhhh..and while we're at it, let's get the blu-ray..look, you can get 'Twilight' on blu-ray (smart guy, that husband)
So, now I totally heart the flat screen and clear! so pretty! So flat!

And, well, I was wrong...twice...what are the odds?

But I couldn't possibly be wrong a third time.
Everyone I know has a blackberry (ok, like six people, but they include my brother and husband, so they count like double right?) and although I liked them when other people had them, when we went to renew our contract, I was like oooo look at the pretty phone, but it's so expensive and unnecessary, but sooo pretty.
Get it, says smartie husband.
No, says I..I'll just get...
Just get it. says husband rolling eyes and getting phone helpery person and pointing to blackberry storm...get this for my wife he says..and before he can even start going on about how he was right about the digital camera and then video camera and blu-ray disc player, blah..blah..
I got it.
And even though I hated it for about twenty minutes (I couldn't even figure out how to make a call, much less search the net) I soooo heart it now.
Long story short..although I often resist change, once I get comfortable with it, I dig it.
which i guess means long story short..I'm a dummy.
But at least my phone is smart.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Bad Parenting : The advanced courses

When my kids were teeny tiny (you know for about ten seconds after they were born) I made minor mistakes, not letting them cry it out was a big one. We were terrible about this with Keegan, our oldest. So terrible, in fact, that for about six months Mike or I slept with her on the couch. We took shifts, he would sleep first shift, then when she woke up to nurse, I would feed her then lay back down on the couch with her.
This ended around the time we wised up and realized that really nice crib set and actual crib were for something other than diaper storage and extra laundry basket space.
We were considerably smarter with babies two and three who arrived within sixteen months of each other and out of necessity, were a bit less spoiled.
But now that they are older I feel like it's big mistakes that I'm making.

Big Mistake One: Auto Pilot Mommy.
When I hear Mommy, Mommy, Mommy for the four hundred and twelfth time in an hour, I start to tune out and I hate that. I start to respond with MM-Hmm, yes, oh how nice. I also sometimes say yes to things I might otherwise veto early on. This can create a bad situation later on, But Mom said we could jump off the porch into the fountain and have hot fudge sundaes for dinner, and frankly I may have agreed, but as mother, ultimate power of changing my mind lies solely with me, so soccer and fish sticks it is.

Big Mistake Two: Pushover Mommy
I get so little time with my babies lately that whenever I spend time with them I indulge them almost everything they ask, and I have a horrible time saying no, even when it's obvious I should. I know this is almost as toxic as always saying no, but I feel so bad and I just want to not upset them, and well, it sucks, but it's true.

Big Mistake Three : Screaming Mommy
I recently read in one of my parenting mags, (I have a stack of at least twenty magazines that I haven't even cracked yet, so this advice may actually be over a year old) that screaming and loosing your temper is not good for your children's self esteem (who knew?) but at least once a week, I completely boil over. There is no excuse, ever, but you've been in a car with arguing toddlers before, right? he touched me, she touched me first, her foot is on my seat, i had that toy first, can I have a drink of your drink? I sometimes wish I had one of those limo privacy screens, then I could chose what I wanted to hear in the car.

Big Mistake Four (and Five, possibly)
The easy open snack.
Again, no excuse is reasonable, but I have three kids to get out the door in the morning, and although I include the banana in the easy open snack/breakfast food category, I still sometimes fail miserably at balanced breakfast 101.
Cereal without milk in a baggie for portability: check
knock-off brand nutra grain bars with box of raisins: check
Fruit snacks and cold bagel: check
nutritionally sound start to the day: fail
thank goodness my children take a vitamin.

As a Mom I take my children's mental and physical health seriously, that being said, I know that I'm never going to be perfect, and most of the time that's pretty funny. I hope that either I'm not alone in my crazy parenting mistakes, or at the very least you can the humor in such situations.

Sorry I've had a crazy month, but more on that later, I'm hoping to have an excerpt from some of my writing ready soon, so keep checking back !
Love *R