Friday, May 29, 2009

A subject anywhere, sometimes you just know.

Dieting sucks. I'm just saying, it would be much easier if you could eat more food or if you could oh, i don't know exercise less. Then dieting would be loads of fun. You know what else would make dieting fun?


or Carbs.

or hey some chocolaty carby combination?

chocolate covered pretzels?

chocolate dipped pound cake (PS. this is a real thing, I discovered it at the Asheville Mall on Tuesday at a fantastic kiosk called, (believe it or not) chocolate covered..)
Dieting would be ideal if it involved more chocolate, carbs, and sugary treats.
I love sugary treats.

and to be honest, exercise isn't bad.
When I'm in shape, but sadly, each workout only serves to make me realize how far from where I once used to be workout wise, I mean I once ran for fun, miles and miles (oh, OK mile)

It's just the eating, or lack thereof, that bothers me.

Once I discover an all you can eat chocolate/carb diet, where only minimal exercise is necessary, then I should be good.
Because honestly, I'm struggling, I work with food every single day, good fattening food. And I'm in a rush, every single day, so what happens is, I get in a rush, and then I end up eating fattening not so good for me food in a rush. (Chocolate, carbs, sugary treats)
Now, I should go..cuz well, I'm hungry.

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The Gardner Gang said...

YAH! Now I am too. I know dieting sucks. I'll tell you something that someone once told me. For the record I didn't hit her... "Nothing ever taste as good as thin feels." I feel your pain girl.