Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dear Cedric Diggory,

Dear Cedric,
I like calling you Cedric, because well, that's how I first came to know your royal cuteness. This is not to detract from your overall appealling nature. (Which I just realized could be misread as appalling, but I digress)
Now, Cedric, as you know I am married to the cutest boy in the world (blantant phrase stealing from sweet potato queens), but that doesn't mean that I can't have celebrity crushes.
I know a lot of people will know you as Edward from Twilight, and that's fine, some people may even call you Robert (since you know, real name and all)but again, I prefer Cedric.
It seems, Cedric, that I'm not really getting to my point and that's not true at all, I'm just enjoying writing a fan letter, because well, I never really did that sort of thing when I was a teenager (may account for the general nuttiness now). So, you see, I do actually have a point.
Cedric, what I'm wondering is, does your hair always look like you just rolled out of bed, did you, in fact, just roll out of bed, or is it something that you take hours to perfect? and you wear lipstick?
I'm curious because, your lips always look all kissable and plump and well, this is not exactly the way boys lips generally look.
I'm just asking.
Please don't misunderstand, I like the messy hair, sexy lips look, it would just bother me if you were all contriving to look so mysterious and sexy.
In short, are you naturally all cute and stuff or do you try really hard?
Much love, Rhianna
PS. do you still have the teeth from the movie?
What? I'm just wondering!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

heavenly ham, holidays and hoopla

It's over.
The balloons are loosing helium, Dick Clark is back resting in his Malibu mansion, and the Christmas tree is dried up and droopy.
Yes, the holidays are officially over.
How do I know?
Two reasons,
1. I'm counting my money and these two pennies are very sad indeed and
2. my children are gearing up to open their very own Lawndale Toys R Us.

(oh, yeah, and I turned thirty, no more mention will be made of this, take note)
In no particular order I'm going to do what I do best and make a list of my favorite holiday moments and least favorite.
The best
1. My brother just about loosing his mind trying to get the Steve Miller Band live DVD/CD at our annual gift exchange. (the same could be said for my Mom, Dad, Seth's girlfriend Shannon and my sister Jessica, but Seth made the biggest a@# of himself..and therefore, made me laugh the hardest.)
2. The ham and ham glaze from Thanksgiving..(thanks for the recipe, if anyone wants a good glaze for their ham, I'll post some post holiday recipes next week)
3. Cheesecakes by Ashley (uh oh, is it a bad sign that two out of three are food?)
4. Having my Mom and my Dad healthy for the holidays this year.
5. New wine glasses, spending time with family and finally having a good book light.
6. Getting to bake with my friends, working has put a huge time crunch on my girl time and having a whole day with my buddies was awesome.
The worst
1. 'Hi, Mom, is three oh twelve too early to get up?'
2. Surprise you have to work Christmas Eve. PS, you have to close.
3. Surprise you have to work on New years Eve. PS, you have to close
4. Fixing your brakes will only cost the approximate same as buying a new refrigerator..MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Ok, That's it...I'm doing so far so good with my resolutions, I hope everyone can say the same.
I'd love to hear your best and worst holiday moments and check back often, I'm hoping to post twice a week this year!
Happy New Year!