Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Love me, Love my technology

Never having been the most technologically advanced person, I am never happy to embrace a tiny machine that may or may not be smarter than me. I was reluctant to switch to digital camera from film camera, ask people who knew me, I was all, it's not like a regular camera, how can the quality be just as good? I'm a big whiny baby, I don't want to learn how to work something new, I just got the hang of my film camera.
Then my husband, who thinks he knows better than me, went and bought me a digital camera, and then I was all, where have you been all my life digital camera? I love you with your endless storage and ability to never print bad pictures of my enormous backside and chubby pregnant face.
So I was wrong, once.

But it couldn't happen more than once, right?


Along come the Blu-Ray disc, and while this is more my husbands area than mine, I still managed to resist the Blu-Ray/Plasma/high-def thing for a good while, I used the whole 'remember Laser Discs? this may not last either...blah, blah...'
Not buying it, again my husband the smartie, was like we need a new TV anyway and look at the pretty flatness...ooooo ahhhh..and while we're at it, let's get the blu-ray..look, you can get 'Twilight' on blu-ray (smart guy, that husband)
So, now I totally heart the flat screen and blu-ray...so clear! so pretty! So flat!

And, well, I was wrong...twice...what are the odds?

But I couldn't possibly be wrong a third time.
Everyone I know has a blackberry (ok, like six people, but they include my brother and husband, so they count like double right?) and although I liked them when other people had them, when we went to renew our contract, I was like oooo look at the pretty phone, but it's so expensive and unnecessary, but sooo pretty.
Get it, says smartie husband.
No, says I..I'll just get...
Just get it. says husband rolling eyes and getting phone helpery person and pointing to blackberry storm...get this for my wife he says..and before he can even start going on about how he was right about the digital camera and then video camera and blu-ray disc player, blah..blah..
I got it.
And even though I hated it for about twenty minutes (I couldn't even figure out how to make a call, much less search the net) I soooo heart it now.
Long story short..although I often resist change, once I get comfortable with it, I dig it.
which i guess means long story short..I'm a dummy.
But at least my phone is smart.


PrincessSedai said...

SO PROUD OF YOU - I still have not mastered my "new" (months old now) phone, but I am learning. And it might not hurt to glance over the user's manual that is sitting untouched on my bookshelf/desk. Yeah for technology.

Kendra Haneline said...

hilarious! i just got a new phone too (the cheaper LG version of the iPhone) but it doesn't have internet. i think if it did, i would be in trouble... or at best on the internet all of the time checking to see who's read my blog & might have posted a comment :-)

The Gardner Gang said...

Way to go R. I know I resist Technology also. It is so disheartning to have my 8year old know more about a peice of technology than me. She was taking pictures with my camera phone before I was. Now I need to make a new leap into technology. My phone is now a dinosoar.