Monday, November 10, 2008

I ran from spam and new things I'm loving

So, if you have a blog you know how it is.
You send your million random thoughts (in my case, seventy or so) out into the blogverse and then you wait..

and wait...

and wait some more.....

For a comment on your myspace, on the blog, when you see someone who has commented on your blog, and then it comes..a COMMENT!
The joy....and then..

the heartache.
IT was SPAM.

I suppose the fact that I get spam should flatter me (it doesn't) but VIAGRA?
Do they read the blog?
Pampers or a chocolatier would be much better served to spam me than Viagra.
I'm just saying.
and although I have a great poem about Viagra (and the kajillion rhyming words, Niagra..ok maybe one rhyming word) I will spare you and move on.

TV I'm Loving despite the fact that I only really watch adult TV one day a week.

1. The style networks new reality show Ruby.
This lady is amazing. I believe the show only started last night but immediatly I identified with her struggle. She's funky and beautiful and is four hundred pounds, get the tissues, it's that awesome.
2. True Blood On HBO...I know the last thing we need is another freakin vampire show, but the male hotness on this show + the outlandish fantasy storylines keep me hooked. ONLY TWO EPISODES LEFT!
3. Ace of Cakes. I know that naysayers say who can watch a show esclusively about cake? ME ME ME!! I love this almost as much as the challenges on food network.I don't know how you can be rock and roll and a pastry chef, but Duff makes it work.
4. My old favorites, My name is Earl, The Simpsons, and THE SOUP.
Ok, I'll watch paint dry if they amp up the drama!
Don't rot your brains!!


Kendra Haneline said...

i love to get comments too... i check my blog hourly & wait as well & when one shows up it feels glorious! i will ditto your fave shows spill about ace of cakes... love it! & corby loves the true blood vampire show... it was really weird last night... i occasionally will watch it with him. haven't seen you in a long time. hope you are doing great!

Just the way that I am said...

I love comments becuase then I feel like I am not just talking to myself that somenone actually listens. I love my Monday night line-up all on TLC. Then Thursdays is on NBC with ACE of Cakes at the end. Then Sunday night is Fox. Today was fun!! Love ya!

PrincessSedai said...

Comments ROCK, but they dwindled on my pages too and I got discouraged. Then I randomly hear from someone who was encouraged by me, so I guess I will write anyway! Love you girl and miss you so much. I know how crazy your life is, so know that I am praying for you and that you will be strong in the Lord, always remembering that the joy of the Lord is our strength! I promise to come harass you at work soon!