Wednesday, November 5, 2008

OFCourse I'm FINE!!

Hope the onset of the holidays is not causing seizures of anxiety, because I know I'm fine!
I'm totally not worried about when to bake, put up the tree, roast the turkey, make the pancakes, wrap presents ( presents.) order holiday cards.
I mean, just looking at my abbreviated to-do list is not making me want to run away for the holidays for a nice vacation to oh, say, Tahiti, where I'm almost positive Christmas, Thanksgiving and the entire brouhaha of the holidays is more um, how do I say, laid back.
Because here's the thing,

the one thing that's most important,
spending time with people you love, and letting them know you care.

And I know that, I do.


but the thing is,

I still feel the pressure to DO all the things that well, frankly, I'm not sure why I do.

Well, I know why I send out cards...duh, so I can brag about my cool family. I know why I bake cookies. To create lasting memories with friends and family (that disappears in the time it takes my family to devour them)Plus, I like cookies.
But why do I kill myself will all our other commitments?
Because that's life? It's just what's expected of me?
That come the day after Halloween, we turn into tinsel be-decked chickens sans heads and proceed to run willy nilly in every direction?
Well, not me!

I know, right? What am I going to do? Boycott one of my favorite holidays ( a note to people who do not know me, personally, I love all holidays, boycotting one or two may actually do me some good)
No, I'll just keep complaining until I fall into my bed (flannel snowman sheets) some time in January and sleep off the madness.
Here's hoping you have some sanity time!


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