Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer's HERE! Yay! and OH NO!

Technically, it's only day one of summer at my house.
Technically, I've only had one joy filled day with my revered offspring. I was so looking forward to a more laid back schedule (did I mention we have three birthday parties this weekend? plus I work approximately 25 hours every weekend??) so, birthday present shopping it is. But also..must accomplish some freelance writing, also, tentative house/job/school search in Las Vegas, also...OK, I think you get the point.
The thing is, I've been so exited about summer for weeks..sleeping IN! (No-one told my four year old she doesn't need to wake up Mommy and Daddy ten minutes before the alarm) the kids will amuse each other! (or abuse each other, either way...) Some time with my school age child! (ok, so we cuddled on the couch for about forty five minutes and chatted about being the biggest and then she disappeared into her room for 'alone time'? alone time? really?)I can work out every day! (or not)
I do this alot, I idealize how things will be, even though I know, deep down, it won't be that way at all, as a matter of fact, I will be lucky to make it a week without crazy screaming at the top of her lungs mommy...(GO TO YOUR ROOMS NOW!!!I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!)
I love parenting, I also love the school year. I envy my home school parent-friends right now, because (not only are they awesome, cuz they totally are) but they can wicked out a schedule in a way I never can without someone else dictating it to me i.e. Keegan is here at this time, Leesy is here at this time..and so on..
My point is, it will take me about six weeks to strike a good rhythm and by that point it will be time to start circuit training for school again. At least Mike and I have both taken Mondays off every week for some much needed family time, trips to the zoo, and carowinds (or three hour naps!) I will keep everyone posted about our possible moving status, we don't know much now, but hopefully will soon.
Can anyone help me out with your favorite birthday party (either planned or attended?) and can someone hook me up with a website/blog designer?
Happy summer!

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Kendra Haneline said...

the link in the top left corner of my blog.. i think... will hook you up with a blog designer... i've also seen on a mckmama's website, but i think the wait list is unreal. summer here we come!