Sunday, July 5, 2009

As easy as breathing

I realize I've been quiet on here for awhile, but I have been enjoying every one's summer posts and pictures and just as soon as I find a new camera that can take the beating I will hopefully have something along those lines to share, but although I could wax poetic for a good long time about cameras I'll save that for another day.

Today it's going to be about how easy (and hard) it is to have a good day.

I think I've mentioned that M and I are taking Mondays off together which has been great (although the girls have camp on this day, so it's busy and we haven't been able to do zoo, carowinds, tweetsie, picinic or any other superfun summer activity yet) because after our weekends (I usually log about 20-25 hours and M rises at 5 on Sunday mornings to be in Charlotte before anyone else in the entire city is awake) we need a day. But this week I somehow managed to have both Sunday and Monday off, which is like a mini-vacay for me (us).

M's family had us over for a laid-back swim and cookout.

It was the best day.

I mean it. Not even a hint o' sarcasm.

Our only contribution to the whole affair was ketchup and some chips and dip and showing up.

We swam, we hung out, we chatted. It really was fantastic. Even the morning before we went over was nice.

I can't get over how sometimes you can plan and plan and fix and decide and make, and things just don't work out, but then spur of the moment stuff can go super.

I hope everyone had some relaxing time during the holiday weekend, I certainly enjoyed my day today.

Have a great week all, hope to have some new and exiting stuff going on soon (links to new writings and such...)


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