Thursday, March 26, 2009

the blog will set you free

So I figure if I do one thing every day towards my writing future that's good right?
Progress, yes?
And of course I count blogging cuz, well blogging is technically writing and well, any writing is good writing?
It turns out, not so much. Not when you have not so arbitrary things like deadlines and self imposed goals and such (crap, total crap)
I like to blog (in theory, I like to write, but I also like things like sleeping and eating and really what is the priority?)
Blogging is like visiting my friends, letting them in on the things they've missed (hello friends, we've moved, I have a new tatoo on my foot and Twilight is the best movie ever even if my boyfriend kisses another girl in it. He HAS to, it's for his WORK, so I understand.)

and so whereas blogging is fun and easy, writing is sometimes hard and well, work like.
I want it so badly, but it's so much work sometimes.
I'm not sure if I'll get to make a living writing, so few people do, but I can't imagine it will be easier if that does happen.
Maybe if I think of writing like blogging I'll be OK, but somehow I don't think I can fool myself into thinking that. It would be a little like trying to tell myself broccoli is chocolate and well even though I like broccoli and chocolate, well, you obviously can't substitute one for the other. Neither can you mix them together (believe me, I've tried crazier things)
So, for now, I'll settle on my tried and true consequence and reward system, (coincidently the same one I employ for my children works for me)where I only get to blog if I write seriously.
And I guess, well, that will just have to work....for now.


The Gardner Gang said...

Hang in there, I'm looking foward to your first bestseller.

Becky said...

I would be so sad to expect chocolate and get broccoli. :-( That's a very vivid description, and THAT'S why you're a great writer!!