Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rhianna by the numbers

17-days until much needed, long anticipated vacation

3-number of times I've watched 'Twilight' in as many days

87-times I've considered changing Ailise or Keegan's name to Bella

88,312, 602-lurid vampire fantasies

3-amount of home-made sweets brought to us by new neighbors.

6-things I've attempted out of my comfort zone.

1-number of flat screens purchased.

1-butt expanding from fascination with flat screen and free sweets

412-number of times children warned that being sold to circus is imminent.

2-number of times I called the circus to see if this is an actual possibility

12-the minimum number of boxes left to unpack.

6-number of times I yawned while writing this

3-times I reminded Keegan to take her water bottle to soccer practice

1-number of water bottles forgotten

12-times I've sung our ridiculous birthday song at work in the last three days..Happy happy birthday, our birthday song is short..hey!

30-number of minutes it's taken me to write this post.

and now...
1-the times I'm saying I'm done.



Kendra Haneline said...

I've missed you in blogland... i know you are busy, but you are so much fun to read!

Becky said...

I love Twilight! I watched it 3 times over the weekend... okay, Saturday. Ack!