Monday, March 23, 2009

There's a helicopter in the bathroom

We've moved, (but not unpacked) I've finally seen 'Twilight' and Keegan starts soccer today.
Life is a chaotic sort of normal. I say normal, but it's really kind of horrible sucky right now. Mike and I are both working five or six days a week, and so our kids, our friendships, and our lives are suffering. We're both exhausted and some days we only see each other in passing.
Our normalcy has become something very different from our year ago regular lives.
Like a lot of American families we are adjusting to new routines and sparser schedules.
I know on some levels we are far luckier than a lot of people.
We are struggling sure, but we both have jobs, we have a small savings and a vacation planned. Life is just, sometimes...really hard.
My days are long, and tiring, and I'm having to lay aside some of my dreams for now, for our family.
So when I got up this morning to find a helicopter in the bathroom I smiled. My kids are still normal kids, despite how I sometimes feel as if I never see them. They still go to bed on time (thanks, Dad)and feel as if the whole house is their toy box.
When I'm worried that it's too disruptive for me to work, or that they need me more and their Grandmother or Dad less, I think about helicopters in the bathroom, and how someday our normal normal will be back.


Kendra Haneline said...

Girl i hear ya! Sometimes i think we get too wrapped up in what our kids are not getting to see that they are still being kids & most of this probably doesn't phase them. Props to you for sticking through it & hangin tough! I've had to realize myself a lot here lately that "life will not always be this way"... live it while you are in it.

Mommy Confidential said...

Thanks Kendra, some times I forget I'm not the only one living like this right now!