Friday, April 17, 2009

And then I broke my leg...

**DISCLAIMER: No leg breaking actually occurred this is a gross exaggeration of some crazy things that happened on vacation...

So we're home.

Which is awesome, but also sucks, because it's means that we are at the farthest point from our next vacation.
But, again, is awesome, because it's so nice to be home when you've been away. The beds were terribly uncomfortable and the fridge at our first house sounded like Snoopy's airplane.
Oh? and also?
the hot tub? NOT so hot.
Really barely even tepid.

the managers of said property were more than happy to jet some maintenance men up the mountain to fix our problems for approximately three hours and seventeen minutes. When the refrigerator cranked back up and instead of Snoopy's airplane sounded a little more like rocket ship landing site.
Oh? and the hot tub?
Approximately seven thousand degrees.

So, we call, again....and they moved us. To a house with a working fridge and warm hot tub. And we were glad, because we paid for a house with both a fridge and hot tub, but we were already two days into our vacation. and a little peeved that we had to move.
But the second house was really nice, if also a little rundown (which, when compared to basically ghettofied, is fantastic)but in the grand scheme of things still kind of sucks when you shell out hard earned money for what you assume is a well-upkept rental.

and next time, when we go to Gatlinburg? We'll stay somewhere else, thanks.

We did have a great time, but I hate being those high maintenance people who demand stuff but sadly I can't sleep at a rocket launch site, and the hot tubby fun-ness is diminished a bit by skin falling off bone.
(and the pool table? one leg was broken and had been splinted back together, very nice!)

I hope everyone had a great Easter!


Mrs. Brandi Shepherd said...

so we^re dishing out a ton in pigeon forge for vacation and now i^m worried. mind emailing me the name of the co.? if you wouldn^t mind, reply to this comment and i^ll send my email address. thx from a friend of a friend of a friend (i know this comment looks ridiculous but i^m on my husband^s cell so i apologize.)

Mommy Confidential said...

Mountain Laurel Chalets. We rented with then on my Mom's reccomendation (she's stayed with them twice with no issue) I hope you guys have a blast! R

Mrs. Brandi Shepherd said...

Thanks! Doesn't sound like the ones we're using. I'll have to check.

Mommy Confidential said...

There's so much to do it Pigeon Forge, I loved wonderworks ( a lot like Discovery Place, but more modern (cooler) and Damon's ribs were fantastic) Also, at the outlets, there is a Disney Store (!) outlet and when we were there they had a huge costume clearance as well as a ton of toys and such..just letting you know..I would def go back, but I think we're doing beach this summer and poss (fingers crossed) Disney for Christmas.