Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sleep, Interrupted

The truth, I've started a blog every day this week, and then I'm bored with reading it myself, so I'm cramming my whole week into one day, so sandwiched between No-worries Wednesday and Fat-free Friday, I will cover all the basics, 1.countdown to vacation 2. lack of much needed sleep and 3. whether or not I'm actually sticking to my diet/workout plan (oh, if only there were actually a plan)
Eight more days until vacation! Eight LONG LONG LONG days until we pack up the car and head off for the mountains, and although I'm exited (our first real vacation in over a year!) I'm also dreading the inevitable packing, unpacking and various sleep issues the kids will have. Not to mention the various upsets of exhausted children on vacation. But still, so EXITED, super exited. I just wish I could transport our whole house into the rental house and then back. Instead I have to try to figure out what the kids will want most and just well...start packing.
2. for some reason I can't seem to squeeze in more than three or four hours at a time. Just talking about it makes me tired.
3. Fat free Friday ( a whole day early!) I actually worked out three whole days (well, not the whole days, but you get the point) three workouts..and then I was so hungry I was like hello sugar cookie where have you been all my life, so I'm not sure if that's progress or a two steps forward three steps back type situation or what. But I'm working on it. So that's that. As far as writing life is concerned Bla........(loosely translated means when I have ten seconds to myself, I mostly just want to sleep.)
Otherwise, things are good...this is my last day off before I work the next seven or so..for vacation, I probably won't blog again until around Easter, but I hope everyone has a Hoppy Easter..

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The Gardner Gang said...

Why arn't you sleeping? Much luck on eating healthy/ working out plan. Have fun on vacation.