Monday, June 30, 2008

Baggy elephant ankles.

So this is probably the ninth or tenth time I've started to blog only to be interrupted, loose focus, be distracted, think of something more pressing, get a phone call, text message, email, IM or random communications that demand my time or attention.

But I am hoping to make that up to you all now.

It sounds as if every one's summer is whizzing by at breakneck speed and mine is no exception.

We've already done the beach thing, the family thing, the recital thing, the swimming thing, the many playdates thing and both M and I working thing resulting in about twelve minutes a week together (and Um, we're asleep).

I'm sure that their are busier people than myself (I'm sure there are, as a matter of fact, but you know sometimes how you feel like you're one of the only people on the planet who is moving at the speed of light while everyone else is meandering towards a sunny place?) That's me, under the desk.
Ok, you got me, it's Tina Fey, who undoubtedly has a heavier schedule than myself, but has the good grace to only have one child (admittedly, the kid looks like a handful, though, am I right?)
But other than the ridiculous lack of sleep and obnoxious amounts of 'I told you so' from my one true love, I'm good.
I do have several 'So there I was waiting on these people when....' stories that I'm anxious to share, but I have been tagged, so I'll deal with that first.
Where were you ten years ago?
This is interesting because I was working for Outback ten years ago, working towards my degree. If I'd stuck with Outback, it's possible I'd be running one.
But, I wouldn't have the joy of my children, or my husband so Ce' la Vie..
Five things on your to do list today..
(really, just five?)
1. Laundry
2. Mom's bday lunch.
3. Power bill, bank, Post office (that's one, right?)
4. Dinner with Rebecca
5. Movie date with hubby. (oh yeah, change sheets..hehe)
Snacks I enjoy.
Let's be clear, if it's a snack, I enjoy it.
What would you do if you were a billionaire?
Well, I hope I'm never a billionaire, because I think I'd be a terrible rich person, but if I had to take it, I'd take M to Ireland, the kids to Disney, Myself to Monte Carlo, Barbados, Hawaii, I'd fix my teeth (and possibly my breasts), I don't even know really, I can't even fathom that kind of green.
Places I would live:
I'm not sure, I love it here, but maybe closer to water? The lake?
And now, I will not pass on the taggage, but I did have fun..
and now a list Target Diva style of the things my customers (drunken or otherwise) have ACTUALLY SAID to me.
1. Can I have some more ranch?
2. Your teeth need bleaching.
3. Wow, you've got baggy ankles. (oh, yeah? you can tell that through orthopedic non slip shoes, ankle socks and bell bottom black pants?)
4. Seriously, more ranch?
5. What's with all the pins?
6. Is there dressing on this salad?
7. Is that your natural color hair?
8. Did you remember the ranch?
9. Those uniforms aren't very flattering are they? (not actually no, not unless you are approximately the size and width of a clothes hanger and then ooooo pretty!)
10. Can I have some more ranch?
Have a great week guys, thanks for all the emails and calls!
Will be posting a BRAND NEW excerpt at Writing MOMMY by weekend!

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PrincessSedai said...

So this is my question - do people even think? (Although I may have been the one to say "So what's up with all the pins?") Again, I ask, and this time a bit more introspectively, "Do people even think?"