Monday, June 9, 2008

Cellulite Shadows

Shopping for a bathing suit.

Just let it sink in. I know, it's madness. My favorite suit is the Miraclesuit (lose 10 pounds in ten minutes!) It's no joke, it takes ten minutes to get the sucker on. But it makes me not so flabalicous. or at least look not so flabalicous.

But alas, even they don't last forever, especially if you buy them on eBay.

Now the time has come to purchase a new one.


Sadly, my body does not seem to have gotten any less cellulite ridden or stretchmark mapped since I last ventured into the lycra jungle.

I try to remind myself that even supermodels have something that they hate. So and So-acova hates her mole and how bony (???!!) her legs are. So and soblondeamericanfromthemidwestwithperfect teeth hates her 'flat' hair.

Me? Everything from the neck down.

and sometimes the neck up.

You may think I'm exaggerating.


I want desperately to like myself. I don't want to pass on my debilatating self- loathing on to my beautiful daughters. But I digress. Bathing suit.

stat.So here I go, eBay shopping.
and I find a bathing suit.
and I like it.
I presume it will fit, because, hey the last one fit.
Um, not so much.
with the fitting.
or covering the needs to be covered.
So I'm off again to the races.
Literally, I have a week and a day to procure a bathing suit and I fear I may have to pay full price.
I won't even tell you what full price is, you can check it out here. Only if you dare.
Let's just hope I don't end up the night before we leave at K-mart crying like last time.


Mama Missy said...

i too have lovely cellulite shadows. i often think about how beutiful i use to look in a bathing suit(you know in highschool) and to think that then i thought i was fat. little did i know....needless to say i have discovered a huge dislike in bathing uit time myself.

Becky said...

Bathing suit shopping is its own kind of hell. I'm also in the process of returning a bathing suit (it looked good in pictures! Not so much on me... so by all means let me see if I can find another doughnut hole to eat, lol!).

The Gardner Gang said...

I know how you feel. After four children and especially the rate I went things will never be the same. *sigh* not without plastic surgery I can't aford and am to chicken to get anyway. I just bought a bathing suit at Sam's for 21 dollars. I hope it works out. I still have bathing suits from years ago simply because I hate shopping for them. I will pray for you to find the perfect one. It is so stressful.
Oh and I commented on your last two post.

Kendra Haneline said...

All women have bathing suit issues, no matter the size... but I am with you on this one. I too have been in rounds with Lands End to find a bathing suit that fits me. I hate not being able to try something on. They convinced me to get one 2 sizes bigger than I normally wear b/c my ta-ta's are quite large (i met in the middle and went down a size from their suggestion)... you can relate. Cramming them things into a regular old suit just don't cut it...or should I say "hold them"... anymore. This is my 4th try...we are leaving Saturday for the package arrives Friday... I hope!

Mommy Confidential said...

Apparently I'm not alone in my stress. I really do hate physically trying them on in the store, so I usually mail order like four and send back what doesn't work, but my body has fluctuated so much lately that I can't get a realistic grip on what bathing suit size I am (I have the same problem with bras) Best of luck this summer guys!

PrincessSedai said...

Well I LOVED my swimsuit (seriously) and was so excited to wear it, felt cute in it, got home from the beach and saw the pictures and about threw up. So now my hunt begins anew.