Saturday, June 7, 2008

Floprocks and Emo Trainwrex

SOOO, I've been busy lately.
Not too busy to read up on some of my friends posts. One that really stuck out to me was Rebecca at the Engineers Falcon, read her most recent post Here.
I think she really speaks to peoples hearts (esp. Moms and Women's) in this post. I just wanted to say that this is something I had a really hard time with not so long ago.
I would go to bed and before I could relax I would count the things I forgot to do. I told Keegan we could color in just a minute, I would read a book in just a minute.
Just a minute was my go-to phrase. But now, more often, if they want me to sit down and read or color or watch a movie or play cars or kitchen or dress-up, I stop and at least play for a minute. I can't always, but when whatever I'm doing can wait, I stop and just hand with the kids. They won't always want to hang out with me, so I need to take advantage of the time they do give me.
On to other things.
I was not a screaming raging Cruella DeVille this month, but I was a complete Emotional wreck. I cried when my favorite dance team did well on America's Best Dance Crew, or when I saw footage of the finale of American Idol. (and I wasn't just crying about the state of reality TV in America, although, what is UP with that?) I cried when Brady was sweet to his sisters and when he was mean. You get the idea.
Well, I didn't bust out in gut wrenching sobs, more like, eyes glistening hicccupy crying, but still. Crying.
So, obviously, even though my hormones are more mild, they're still having issues (not issues that can be helped my email order drugs, but issues nonetheless)

Now, for Target Diva, the Floprock edition.
Mike and I were watching the Mask last night and it really made me think. How did Jim Carrey's career survive making such crap movies?
The Mask, Ace Ventura (and didn't he do a SEQUEL?)Liar, Liar. ( I could go ON, but I won't, and you don't have to tell me that these movies weren't technical flops, they did great at the box office and all that, I just mean they were totally stupid story lines and yet...look, MONEY!)
Yet, he still manages to hang onto the A list.Is it because he's dating Jenny McCarthy and all her activism, or is simply doing funny voices for animated flicks enough to keep him afloat?
I hate to be all feminist (um, I don't, I totally don't) but if a women (well, not Cameron Diaz, but any normal non bionic woman) had made such wretched straight to DVD flops we'd be looking for them on Celebrity Fit Club or Dancing with the Stars, and even that couldn't breath life into their dead careers.
What really got me going on this was, the detective in the Mask was in a huge movie the seventies, a little flick called Animal House, but he's not done a whole lot since. Which of course made me think of Karen Allen, who was also in Animal House as well as Scrooged, but that was the EIGHTIES for pete sake and now Where is she??
Ok, so she's actually in the new Indiana Jones movie, but other than that
where has she been??
alright, I give up.
I'll just say, celebrity trivia gives me a headache.
Celebrity gossip? Yeah!!!
Celebrity trivia? boooo!

So, the job goes ok, except they're scheduling me for like FIVE days a week, which, in case you're wondering, is NOT part time. But, I hope I'll get it straightened out.


PrincessSedai said...

Thank you for the encouragement about our babies - I needed to hear it. I also wonder about all this celebrity crazyness. It is a strange little world we live in and I have long since given up on the who's who-ness of it all!

The Gardner Gang said...

First things first. The other day Nathan asked me for something and I said "In a little bit" and he said "A little bit is a long time."
Oh talk about the mommy guilt. Don't have a solution just thought I'd share.
And about reality TV I'm addicted to it so when I see a promo for and off the wall crazy idea I think to my self I did watch "My Big fat Greek Fieance" So color me part of the problem not part of the solution. Not to defend our friend Jim Carey but he has done some sudo profund movies in recent years 23 and Eternal Sunshine of a spotless mind. Neither of which would be on my top 100 list but its something. My least favorite movie of all times is Ace Ventura and The Mask so don't think I don't see your point. Sorry I haven't been keeping up latley.