Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Leave me alone heathens!

OK just to be clear as mud, this is my sister(the picture!) and although I would love to pretend I'm sixteen and cute as hell, (for maybe seven seconds) I will not pretend this hottie is me, so you ruffians who are emailing me in vain to find out if I want to, you know, uh , talk and stuff, IT"S. NOT. ME. It's my baby sister and she's becoming a nun. So there.
In other news, my kids are BSC today. I seriously think they may have been bitten by spider monkeys when we were at the zoo, and are having some kind of delayed spiderman-type reaction. I worry about the little angels sometimes.
I would love to see the world thru their eyes.
from the mind of my adorable one year old boy: Oh look, Mommy is sitting down to answer emails and enjoy her breakfast, is it just me or does she look like a jungle gym? Mommy, Mommy, MOmmy, LOOK at me, I'm climbing up your free arm. OH, hey thanks, half your toast. MMMMM, Ok, done with that, mommy, don't look now, but I'm experimenting with clogging the toliet, are these shoes nice?
from the mind of his equally adorable sister who is two, and only slightly to smart for her own good:Oh, hey,mommy is sitting down with food and drink, I Love drink, and although I can communicate better than my twenty three year old uncle I think I will grunt and point because it drives mom crazy and what is more fun than driving mom crazy. Oh, the grunting is not working, maybe screaming? Look at that brady is shoving high heels in the toliet, this should be good...
When they are not running up astronomical plumbing bills they were climbing me like Everest today. I do need to loose weight if I'm comparing myself to a practically insurmountable mountain. Have a great deigh..(no spell checkHEHE)

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