Thursday, February 7, 2008

Shaking hands with the sheriff.

Soooo, I've been doing some thinking.
Not really, but it sounds intelectual and introspective to begin with this particular sentence, so..I did. Also, i know I'm spelling stuff wrong and IT KILS MI THAT I CN"T CHEK IT>...Ok, enough about spelchk. hehe. My friend Heather, who is a very lovely and sweet girl blogged the other day that she and her husband got..ahem, caught in the act, of you know..well doing stuff.
Anyway, several people had commented that they had also, in fact, been caught by their children and I just have to say..WOW does this make me feel better. I won't go into details (I think my parents read my blog sporadically so eww..)but Keegan sometimes asks about me and her Dad bumpy bellies..Oh when she gets older and realizes. I still remember walking in on my parents when I was just wee. But I'm sure it's much more clear to them. Which brings me to why I was thinking. I was thinking What is the biggest mistake I make with my kids?
Is it loosing my temper? Not being strict enough with time outs?
Spoiling them?
I really don't know. You can bet they'll figure it out and let me know sometime around puberty. I'm not holding my breath.
ON to other, more chocolatey things.
Duncan Hines Chocolate Lovers Chocolate chunk brownies..
Well, they were better, although, as a post script to last post, MIKE said he like the caramel in the turtle brownies. just to let you know for a manly perspective.
I'm going to go a 5 or possibly 6 out of 10, and I'll tell you why.
The dough sucked. I know raw egg, salmonella ahhh death, but I don't eat all the batter, I just want a lick or two, but this dough was icky.
Is it possible I'm tired of brownies? well, I've got at least two more reviews, so we'll see.
But for this one, R'll do in a chocolate emergency.
M them while they're hot.
OK, other reminders and various news..Manic Mommy is having a if you're interested in some free books, get ovah there and show some love. If my link does not work, she is on my links list and hopefully that one will.
Don't forget to vote, but I see a trend in the mommy sick day being the favorite!

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