Monday, February 11, 2008

The real MOMs diet of guilt worry and leftovers.

OK, I think I figured out why my links don't work. So I will hopefully be able to remedy this particular snafu, but if not, then bear with me. It should only take me a year and a half to figure out what, exactly I'm doing wrong and consult my sixteen year old sister, Jessica, to help me fix it. Coincidentally, the only reason my MySpace page functions like a well oiled machine is Jessica, so thanks, Jess!
I think I have mentioned my love of reading one or possible two(and a half million) times, but I will mention it once again, because this blog starts with another blog, don't ask me which one, I'm not totally sure. The point being, someone's blog was talking about WAHMs( work at home Moms) which I have to say, I much prefer to SAHM (stay at home Moms) I think the first implies more of what we actually do, while the second is, while true, much more passive and bon-bon eating sounding. I would just like to shout out to all the WAHMs out there. I have worked outside of the home on and off since I've had my brood, but this is the longest I've gone without an outside job, and I know I've never worked this hard. I still hate it when someone asks, 'Do you work?'
'No, I park my kids in front of Spongebob, smoke marlboro lights and plan my next toga party'
that's what I want to say. But I don't. Possibly it's manners, possibly I don't think people would get my sense of humor.
On the brownie review front we are at a small stand still while I try to decide which diet to attempt before my next foray onto the MD scale. (at least I'm not beached whale preggers, but that just means I have no excuse.) I will say my friend Tracy recommended some vitabrownies, I just have to locate and purchase, so I can see just how vitaliscious said brownies actually are.
We'll keep you updated.
The diet that has always been most sucessful for me in the past is, of course, weight watchers, because, if I've got to climb on a scale in front of a skinny senior citizen every week, I will put down the donut, but if I have no one but Mike and myself to be accountable to, I shove it in.
My reasoning, while flawed, is this, I NEVER sit down, how can I not always be burning calories.
(This is only partly true, BTW, I do sit down, in the car, at least twice a day.) I also do several other Mom-specific excercises.
the toddler relay-the act of loading one or more toddler in the car while siblings either a) scream at door or b) toss stuff at you from the other car seats and/or c) demand things you forgot as soon as you put car in gear. My guess is while I usually break a sweat doing this, the calorie equivalent is roughly that of one corn flake.
the nite-nite bait and switch-this is where, I run up and down the steps fifteen times to calm down, soothe, get water for, break up viscous sibling fracas, and finally scream, 'GO TO SLEEP! IF I HAVE TO COME UP HERE AGAIN, THAT'S IT!!' not exactly sure what 'it' is, I make at least two more trips in an attempt to not have to come up with 'it'.
the 'I loose 25 lbs every time I sit him down'- I carry around a 25 pound chunkey monkey for at least 47 hours a day, that's gotta add some muscle, right?
Hope every one has a great week. love....and lettuce...r

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Anonymous said...

Do you realize how GREAT you really are!!!! MY most dearest wonderful neice.. I love and appericate you dearly!!!You are smart and funny and so loving and caring.Thank you for all you do for my sister.. and for the smiles you put on my face daily and for the most amazing great neices and handsome great nephew a person could have!!! I love you keep writing!!! your great at it!!! I love you and your wonderful family!!