Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm not listening.

On the 'you can't make this up' front, I went to the doctor last week to have a physical. That's right. I'm taking care of ME. Can you believe it? The truth is, I've had stomach problems my whole life. Huge embarrassing, umm.. gaseous issues among other things. So, I sucked it up and went to the doctor. To find out what I could to about my self diagnosed 'nervous stomach'. Turns out, there is a lot I can do, but before I get to that I'd like to share with you a tidbit from my actual appointment, wherein the good doctor and I are discussing my craziness (a sidenote: my period, while normal physically has made me a complete wreck emotionally so I was trying to see if I could do something to make me..ahh less crazy, more me.)
Dr. Goodintentions MD: Have you been sleeping.

Me(fighting the urge to laugh outright): no more or less than normal.

Dr. GD, MD: I see, and how about your libido?

Me(again, fighting the urge to laugh, unsuccessfully, I let a little snicker out) umm

Dr. GD, Md: I mean your sex life. (ok, seriously, she thought I was laughing because I misunderstood? Did she assume I thought she meant a flamboyant piano player?)

Me:I know what you meant, I just was formulating a response that did not make me sound so...

Dr. GD, Md: (nods sympathetically) It's hard to get back into a groove after having children, so many women aren't interested at all..
(she goes on in this vein until I stop her)
Me: Let me just say, that this is not a problem, me being a raving loony is the problem.

Dr. GD, MD: I see well, your husband may think differently.

I give up and let her lecture me on intimacy and all sorts of other things until finally she winds down, then just when I think we're moving on to another subject,
Dr. GD, Md: He's not a senior citizen is he?


Dr. Gd, md: your husband.

Ok, what the heck, did I fall down Alice's rabbit hole into the doctors office? I said nothing about having any sort of sexual dysfunction and while I'm on the subject, Do I look like the sort of girl who marries a senior citizen? Because not only did my doctor ask me this, but my tax lady also asked if my husband was drawing his social security yet.

Time for a serious makeover, cuz either I look like a girl next door or a senior citizen myself.

IN other news, I haven't blogged or read blogs for over a week, because I've actually been working that's right WORKING on one of my new ideas. I'm hoping to get a lot done this week because MIKE IS ON VACATION!! Woooo hoooo! I did want to catch up via blog because I wanted to let you know the good news, one of my writing buddies Jenny Gardiner has a brand spanking new book out, Sleeping with Ward Cleaver. It's funny and wonderful and it was a long hard road for her to get published, it's selling at WAL-MART which is a huge deal for writers and if you are so inclined please pick it up. Hopefully I will be giving away an autographed book at some point, I'll keep you posted, Which brings me to very very exiting news.
In lieu of the brownie reviews I will be doing MONTH OF CONTESTS in march, every week there will be a giveaway and all you have to do is post a comment and you could win, some of the prizes will be superfun, I will be posting excerpts from The ditz gets it done, and you just have to say YEAH that's awesome or eww that sucks. Some great friends of my blog will be giving away autographed books and there will be some Authors favorite things. So, lots of exiting things.
PS, I can't do the brownie reviews because my sugar intake has been limited, I am sad, and we should all have a moment of silence for Hersheys who may go out of business without my support. Have a great week! R

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The Gardner Gang said...

Looking foward to reading some of your stuff. Hope all is well. E-mail me sometime and I will tell you what I am doing for my pre menstral Loonieness. Lets just say I know how you feel.