Monday, March 17, 2008

hell in a handbag.

Before I announce the winner, I am planning to bore you with what kind of certain girl I am. BUT first a message from my sponsors...
OK, that was a joke. Normal Mommies from nowherespecial USA do not have sponsors...yet. But I'm willing to sell ad space on my forehead to pay for my children's college. Just be aware.
I have some new links to the side, visit my friends buy their books, do a good deed.
Without further ado,
I'm a certain girl who loves to read but always wants to know the end before I get there.
I'm a certain girl who loves thunderstorms, but hates the mud.
A certain girl who would die without her cell phone, but would never admit it.
A certain girl who is afraid, but is really afraid to show it.
I'm a certain girl who loves pocketbooks, but kind of shelved my obsession when I traded handbags for diaperbags.
A certain girl who is mostly proud of herself, but in her private mind wonders why. I'm the girl you think you may know, but you have no idea.

Sometimes, I'm not any of these girls.
And the winner esss....
Maribel from California who sez (via myspace message):
I'm the certain girl who wakes up crying and laughs at herself, and I'm the certain girl who will never know why I do..
So, send me your contact info and I'll spirit your book to you. Thanks again to all who entered, I felt really supported, I got about nineteen total entries and that totally wows me to think that many people read my blog. ( I know, to the people who get like a thousand hits a day, it's no big deal, but for a girl who's officially done nothing's huge)
In things I'm pimpin' news a really funny girl just published a really funny book and it's called Unpredictable. I do not have a signed copy, but I may give away my copy just to spread the word for a great first time author.
Jen L. is having an essay contest to give away Advance copies of Such a pretty fat on her blog and myspace site (you can only enter once) If you have a great diet story, you should totally enter.
That concludes this broadcast day!
Will post for the new contest two-morrow or Wednesday.
Hope everyone got pinched today!

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Eileen said...

You book pimper you! Thanks so much for spreading the word. I'll sign your copy anytime!