Thursday, March 20, 2008

Past my expiration date.

Hello, hope everyone is having a good week. It's been crazy here (let me be honest, when is it not crazy here?)I've been busy like my friend Kendra getting ready for the consignment sales. When she mentioned how many items she took, my jaw dropped, but we're climbing towards that ourselves. I mentioned at MOPS that I would hook everyone up with the dates for those sales and they are on the same days but the times vary a little so PLEASE check the websites for directions and times they are open.
Weeruns starts April 5th (for the public, if you consign you can shop early which I highly recommend even though it's crazy) and goes through April 13th, they are open through the week, but as I said, check times.
Freckles n Pigtails starts April 5th for the public and goes through April 13th as well, she is also still taking consignment appointments, check the site for details. Please forward this to anyone who needs the info.
Now for the next contest, it's twofer.
A ten dollar target gift card and ten dollar McDonald's gift cards (I'm giving away from my stash of gift cards, I don't really need McDonald's...hehe)
All you have to do is post a comment about your the best book you've read in the last year (I know you've got something Ashley!) either here or on MySpace (link to the right, the other right) I can't wait to hear. It can be fiction, non fiction, picture book, children's book, whatever.
I wish I had pictures, but I got a killer haircut (it didn't magically make me thirty pounds thinner or pay off all my debt or make my children behave in church, it just felt like it did)Thanks to Ashley from Affinity Salon and Spa ( I poached her from Dori, but you can too, she's very generous like that!) The reason this is such big news is, well, my last haircut kind of looked like the girl who cut it hated me. NO kidding. It looked like I was up for the role of angry lesbian. I cried for at least two weeks. In private, but still. I'm not sure when I'll close the contest, but probably next Wednesday. We have lots o' Easter activities planned, as I hope all of you do. Here's hoping my kids can stay clean long enough for ONE picture!
PS. I just spell checked and did you know MySpace is not in the dictionary? Crazy.
McDonald's is!


Just the way that I am! said...

My favorite book is The Very Quiet Cricket by Eric Carle. I love his books and ills. I also love The Very Hungry Catipillar. Ironically enough my son does not own the catipillar book. ~d

ps. if my comment shows up twice sorry i can't remember if i posted the first one.

Anonymous said...

oooo....i have read so many good books this year!! i am currently reading ted dekker's black which is the first book in a trilogy. very intense. i highly recommend it. but my favorite book so far this year is nicholas sparks message in a bottle. i have never seen the movie, but the book was soo good!

hope i win!!

Becky said...

How sad is it that I think "what have I read in the past year???"?
I'm going to have to go with Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. It kept my mind constantly running, and it was one of those books that I stayed up until 4 or 5 in the morning reading because I just could not put it down!