Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I'm changing my name to Jen, or Jenny or Jennifer.
And I'll tell you why. Everyone with a book deal has this particular moniker.
(I know, I'm exaggerating, but it seems all the good Jens are taken)
My favorite author, Jennifer Weiner, has a new book coming out in April, Certain Girls and I can't WAIT!! In honor of this Jennifer I have a signed copy of her first book, Good in Bed to GIVEAWAY, and it's signed, by the Jennifer herself. All you have to do a comment or send me an email telling me what kind of CERTAIN girl you are. That easy.
Also, Jenny Gardiner, who I have mentioned before, noted author of Sleeping with Ward Cleaver has the distint pleasure of having her book go into a second printing. To all the non-bookies, this means her book is so popular they have to MAKE MORE, which means, more money for her now and more popularity for what will certainly be a fabu second book.
Jen Lancaster another hilarious girl has a third book coming out this summer, Such a Pretty Fat, Read about it here.

NOW, to complain.
Baby Registry. Argh, just ARGH!
I have three children and so I know the necessity of online registry, and of course the convienance of doing so. But, when you register online, please register for things that are also available IN THE STORE!!(DORI!)
My bestest, bestest, most wonderful friend Dori is having her second child, a girl. And, being the groovy kind of friend I am, I'm throwing a shower. (not by myself, but ......anyway I digress)Dori and I grew up together. Not as children mind you, but we met in our early twenties and have been friends since a bit before we both got married. So, when we finally decided to Grow UP, (which I'm not quite sure we have yet) we did do it together. She is the best.
She's a Fierce Online shopper. Me, not so much.
I'm what I like to call a 'Physical shopper'. I have to touch it, smell it, try it on, walk it around the get my point.
Dori registered online.
I shopped in the store.
Nine things on her registry were available in the store. By the time I schlepped my too-wide tush to the store, I had the option of buying an emergency ear wax removal kit, or some bibs.
Let me clarify. I like buying fun gifts, and did I mention Dori is having her first girl? Ear wax remover does not a fun gift make.
Never will Dori's daughter to be named at a later date say, "Oh, Aunt Rhianna, she got me this lovely ear wax removal kit, I had my own daughters picture taken with it!"
not to spoil it for Dori and BABY GIRL H, hopefully they will have no problems with ear wax build up.
NOTE: I made up the earwax remover thing. It was code for something boring and medical, and therefore not FUN to buy and GIVE. Do not spend your precious time combing target for an ear wax remover. Possibly I just invented it.
More news:
I have a new laptop, which means I can post annoying diatribes from anywhere with Wi-Fi, look out Starbucks, here comes the K-mart diva!!
More fun contests soon!!
Have a great week, R


The Gardner Gang said...

Ah lets see what kind of Certian girl am I. I am a Mommy, Wife, Lover(to Andy), friend, reader, messy, happy girl.
Is that what you want?
I think you will have to give ME the book so I will know exactly what a Certian girl is. :)

Anonymous said...

This is Rebecca (I still have not figured out this signing up for an identity thing - but I will learn soon). I too am not exactly sure what a "Certain girl" is, but I am the kind of girl who loves God, loves her family, loves her friends and wants SO bad not to disappoint any of them. I am also the kind of girl who wants to be unique and confident, but struggles to do so. Most of all, I guess I am the kind of girl who loves to live with abandon and fun, and curl up at the end of the day with my husband and a good book.

PrincessSedai said...

Rebecca again - Hey I have an identity of my own - I guess I am the kind of girl that can be taught new tricks!

Dori said...

I am the kind of certain girl that loves God, is a wife, best friend, mommy, shopper, and sometimes reader. I desire to be uniquely the person God created me to be. love you ~d

Becky said...

Hi Rhianna!
I'm a certain girl who is a newlywed and still a couple of years away from parenthood (at least that's the plan--we all know how that goes!). I'm a girl who adores her husband, loves her family, and misses her friends b/c only one of them lives in TN. I'm a girl who loves music and being outdoors, and can't wait to see the bulbs I planted FINALLY bloom in the flower beds (wake up, wake up, tulips!). I'm also a girl who is still trying to find her way in the professional world, and figure out where I really fit at this point in my life.
Hope you're doing well girl--I enjoy your blog!