Thursday, March 27, 2008


A whole week has passed since I have blogged, but, in grand procrastinator style I am ready for a massive missive. (See what I did there? Funny right? OH, nevermind)

Before I start in on who won what and who gets who and what we did for Easter (WAAAAY more than we should've but dang it, it's the holidays) I'd just like to say, What is the DEAL with consignment sales? No matter how many times I participate in something like this, I am always amazed by how juvenile adults can act when NOT GETTING THEIR WAY. While I was dropping off my huge pile of mess, so was some other mother who clearly tagged her items in the dark. The wonderfully nice lady who runs our Weeruns sale, was, I thought, being very diplomatic, but the mad blind lady ending up dragging her stained stuff back to the minivan screeching, 'I'm telling all my friends about this!'. Me, too sistah, me, too! I hate, hate, hate when my stuff gets rejected, but that's life! You can't always see what they see, but you do have to make an effort. Any how, it bears mentioning, the last time I volunteered at Weeruns, I saw someone shoplifting. REALLY? Stealing secondhand stuff? Wouldn't it make more sense to get busted for something worth more than two dollars? Geez.

And now, some Bradyese for your entertainment.

Wea keegah?- Where's Keegan?

Wea wissy?-Where's Leesy?

Wea daaaaadeeeee?-Father, Mother is not giving the one and only object of my very own heart's desire and I feel we must consult on this, you know, man-to-man.

kuckuck-I'd like a sucker, please, from my Easter basket, which I will take one lick from then play with for fifteen minutes then twist into my sisters hair, and giggle while Mommy curses, stomps and yells while flailing the scissors.

Out-Up, as in on the bed, where I can jump and possibly break arm, neck or sisters cranium.

bee-beep book neeoow peas- Please read my car book for the eight hundred fifty seventh time, please. I love you, aren't I soooo cute?and now.....drumrolll....
Becky wins!
Keegan drew from the FIVE entries (only five, I was really looking for some great books guys! it was a holiday weekend though, as my husband points out, maybe I'm asking too much)
Becky recommended Demons and Angels (I believe) which I couldn't read, at least not after the DaVinci Code, which I had to read with a dictionary and shot of whiskey (kidding about the alcohol, not so much the dictionary)but on Bex bringing it to my attention, maybe I'll dust it off. So, send me your info and I'll send your gift cards ASAP.

I will try to squeeze in one more contest in March, but no promises.

Hope everyone had a good Easter. We, of course, traveled (because what is the option? Stay home? then everyone converges on you, to see the children, and you are expected to feed, clothe and fix any and all familial disputes that may arise. No thanks, we'll pay six hundred bucks for gas to head all over with our exhausted children and swollen with too much food bellies.) All of our families were good, if a bit busy and tired. It was good to see everyone, however brief. Glad to be home however and Mike did have Mon and Tues off as well, so we had some time to recuperate, but I have a cold that I picked up somewhere (rest stop? random McDonald's?Brady rubbing his snot on my cheek?) which is minor compared to the Earache Asian Bird Projectile Virus we've all just got over. In an effort to contain the sniffles we're kind of home bound, which is OK, since sometimes our play dates tend to resemble Wrestlemania on speed.
I think April is going to be either Random Book Review Month or Memories Of My children that I haven't yet managed to erase with lack of sleep or Momnesia. ( A real word, I promise!)
I like having a subject matter to start with, otherwise I tend to ramble (I know, who me?)
If you have Memories that Are TOO FUNNY not to share, please do so, or if you have a great Random Book you'd like reviewed (even if it's your own!) please let me know.
I'm also compiling a list of MY Favorite things, which Holly and Kendra have both done, but I think I'm going to do a Mommy version and a Baby version of things I myself couldn't live without and things I envy being invented after my children were too old to use them. Then an adult version (not too adult, I know what a perv I need to point it out!I totally didn't see the dolphins.ARGH!)If you have something to add to this, I'd also like to know.
Have a great rest of the week, back to our regularly scheduled programming next week. OH well.

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