Friday, January 25, 2008

Another Day another dollar, Oh

I have had craziest week this week.<---Period.
No one was especially sick, I didn't have Kaidyn extra days, it was just madness. I think because everyone was so wildly off their schedules that hullaballoo sort of descended on us. Due to the 'snow day' last week and then the three day break from school (but not from other activities, dance, sports and the like were still on) we were sleeping late/going to bed late, and eating kind of randomly. I'm not a stickler for scheduling on my best days. I like thing to fall within a certain time frame, sure, but if it doesn't happen, I sort of go with the flow. As derailed as we were this week, I am going to have to 'stickle up' about the order of family events. As it stands the girls are going to be candidates for 'SuperNanny' with all their creative get out of bed free schemes, and I won't even tell you how many times Brady has gotten up this week. (a hint:more than the age of him and his siblings added together, ok, more than double that)
Somehow, we muddle through.
My thinking is, well certainly it has to get better at some point. (It is truly hard to think this when you are trooping upstairs in the middle of the night, for the fifth time)
It's my job, and most days, I really love my job. I get frustrated with the amount of responsibility versus the amount of perks and compensations.I'm not understanding how, say, for every diaper I change, I don't get a free manicure credit, or oh, I don't know, writing minutes (like airmiles for mommies, you know what I mean!!)
For right now however, It IS Most Certainly NOT Getting Better, and I haven't worn make-up in about two weeks, written (besides blogs)in at least nine days, ok, I won't terrify you with the details of my wretched week, but I'm just a little frustrated at my childrens lack of general decorum and ability to curb the insanity.
IN other, less depressing news, I'm actually reading the Harry Potter books (note:I would link up a website, but there are so many) and I LOVE THEM! How brilliant is this concept?
I finished Jill Conner Brown's Guide to Raising Children For Fun and Profit, which I highly recommend for a few belly laughs, also, I'll be adding her website ASAP so you can check out her other books as well.
I hope everyone else had a better 'vacation' week. R

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The Gardner Gang said...

I wish I could tell you that my week was better. Lets just say I could have written that blog. Nuf said. Heres to a better week next week.