Friday, January 11, 2008

We give it away free

Try not to be horrified.
This is about gas. Not the don't eat raw broccoli type of gas, but the put it in your car go vroom-vroom type gas. It irrritates me that you can fly places more economically than you can drive now. I mean I feel bad for me, but I feel bad for teenagers. When I first started driving, I could go forever on ten bucks worth of gas and a mountain dew. (showing my mountain roots a little), but ten bucks buys exactly 3 gallons worth of gas, give or take. THREE GALLONS!! I know, let it sink in. Just to run my children to their various activities and school is around fifty dollars in my little hatchback supposed to be money savin' car. Don't even think about driving somewhere off the grid. Enough about the economy of gas, it's just depressing.
ON TO----->More exiting things.
OK, not really, but on the 'in case you're interested front' I'll be adding to my books/movies/web sites I'm pimpin' as often as I can, I love visiting people's favorite sites, there's so much stuff out there, it's unbelievable.
thing the second, apparently I need a new blog name, as a lovely kind lady informed me her blog is titled mommy confidential and has been for some time. I'm leaving it while I think up a new name, but if someone has a suggestion, I'm all ears (or would it be eyes?)
thing the third, there's a booksigning at Malaprops on Friday January 18, 2008 by Jill Conner Brown, for her book Guide to raising children for fun and profit. All the Sweet Potato Queen books are fabulous and fun, if a bit irreverent, but I highly recommend picking them up. Or, adversely if you can't make the booksigning (ie, have no interest/inclination to schlepp all the way to Asheville for some author you don't know/much less care about) order one of the books from Amazon OR the next time you're up Asheville way, check out Malaprops, it's one of the great independent bookstores and has a great eclectic selection plus a killer cafe (sidenote:across the street The chocolate Fetish, a handmade chocolate store that is magnificent and ridiculously expensive.
thing the fourth, have a great weekend, much love R

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Jessica Marie said...

You now understand why I have no urges to drive, it's freakin expensive! :)
and as for the favorite sites, i have one you might like, its bellydancer-ish. I reccomend checking out the photo-history she has, beautiful vintage pics of dancers, its amazing.
I love you and miss you!