Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Why does she smell like nachos?

My niece Kaidyn, is about five and a half months old, and as I was apparently having minor brain aneurysms when my brother asked me, I watch her a few days a week.
That's right, a five and a half month old, a two year old and a one year old. Don't be surprised that we occasionally do see partridges in pear trees.
Now, I know all kinds of people do this every day. (They are called mothers of multiples, but hey, whatever)
But, I have not quite mastered the Hmmmm how do we say? Patience and balance to achieve all that I need to achieve while still caring for the brood.
Let's just say, some things slip through the cracks. This morning for example, (as a disclaimer, the entire morning up until this point went swimmingly, as a matter of fact, I wasn't the last person dropping off at Union Elementary this morning and we all had breakfast before we left.) I digress. We get home and I'm handing out snacks (Brady-goldfish, Leesy-tortilla chips) I bet you see what's coming.
NOW, I say before I even put my foot in the bathroom, 'Do not feed Kaidyn, she cannot eat what you eat yet'.
I go pee, less than forty seconds and I come back out. (I hold the speed peeing record, seriously) not noticing anything amiss, I start to unload the dishwasher when I hear little mini coughs. Also know, Kaidyn is a bit of a fake cougher, it's her claim to fame, really. But I check it out anyway, cuz well, who knows? Sure enough, she is contentedly gumming away at a tortilla chip. I start to freak out and then remember that well, honestly, freaking out does no-one any good, and I clean up the tortilla chip, take Leesy's snack away, lecture her again on not feeding her toothless cousin toothy type treats, which she ignores, because Lady and the Tramp 2 is on so the point?
Kaidyn still smells like Scoops chips and how am I going to explain why she smells like a Mexican restaurant, again?
The joys of babyhood.
Another proud family milestone? My son learned to say Poo-Poo last week, and every chance he gets cracks himself and his proud father up pointing to anything or anyone and saying it.
I'm getting a little teary just typing about it.
Have a great week! R


Kendra Haneline said...

Girl.. been there, done that with the babysitting thing. It's not easy! Try, a 3 mth old, 2 20 mth olds, and a 4 year old. Hang in there. Oh, about the poo poo thing, welcome to the world of boys. It only gets worse.

The Gardner Gang said...

I've had that with my boys and my girls. The poo-poo thing is a hoot. Why do the Daddy's always laugh at that kind of thing. You know where I fall in on the lots of kids at a time thing. I feel your pain. When my neice was a baby I kept her. So I had Katie 4mo and Paige 1mo. Happy happy joy joy. Heather