Monday, January 28, 2008

My name is....

Rhianna and I am addicted to brownies..
You caught me, I'm a chocaddict. I want to stop, but it's everywhere!!
Just when Christmas is over, Valentine's Day sneaks up with all the speciality chocalates and the cute wrappers.
I am a horrible dieter, because, well, I love the food. My most common way to diet is the stair step diet, (do NOT try this at home, it totally doesn't work) I first cut out pop/soft drinks, I usually give myself a week, week and a half for this particular step. Then I gradually cut out various other bad things until I am (in theory) only eating low carb/ high protein/whole wheat type food.
Again, this does not work. For me. Why? you ask innocently, well, by the time I'm eating feta cheese whole wheat pitas with spinach I really want Diet Dr. Pepper. So, I think, I'm eating really well, one little can won't hurt, the problem? I don't buy ONE can, I buy twelve, by the next weekend, I'm back on the fruity pebble and peanut butter and jelly diet. ho hum.
I do like to exercise though, so I'm hoping this will save me from deathly illness later on, maybe, maybe not.
My point?
Before I go cold turkey off the brownies (or chocolate meth as I will refer to it from here on out) I will be convienantly reviewing various brownies for you RIGHT here! in my blog. If you have a brownie you would like reviewed...just comment or email me and I will happily review your brownie recipe or fave boxed brownie.
Ok, have a great new year and hope everyone's diet is going well!!

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