Tuesday, January 8, 2008

'That' guy makes me roll my eyes

There's a popular new book out by Dr. Travis Stork called Don't be That girl. I've personally not read the book, but it's looks to be pretty funny while also being helpful. In fact, Dr. Phil was so taken with it, that he featured Dr. Stork on his show in order to help all those 'that' girls out there. (OH, and a show he was conproducing will star Dr. Stork this fall. this was mentioned no less than six times) I love Dr. Phil, I think he's hilarious and usually right on the money, however, Dr. Stork is one of my 'that' guys. So today, I'd like to tell you all about the men I didn't pick and why they were a 'that' guy. I'd love to hear yours as well.
1. (and possibly most annoying) The guys like Dr. Stork, they can tell you all about what's wrong with you, but you start point your (well polished, spoken and educated) finger at them and it's lights out baby. This guy was a BACHELOR for pete's sake. They hand pick those girls for him. There's a reason he's still single. I'm just saying.
2. The I can't remember your name guy. You know him, he's always calling you babe, honey or boobookitty and your brother sport or buddy, and your dog poochie. I have a big family, buddy, learn some names.
3. The 'I'm focused on another girl' guy. I dated waaaay too many of these loosers, and the kicker? I knew it at the time that I was just a stand in, but I was so insecure, I let it happen(which, BTW, makes me a 'that' girl)
4.The 'he likes you more than you like him' guy. He's a 'that' guy for alot of reasons, but the one or possibly two of these guys that I went out with were so needy that I felt wanted and needed. It's dysfunctional, it's wrong, but it's usually good for some nice resturants! what?? guys do it to us all the time.
5. The 'I'm never getting married' guy. I've not had any personal experience with this, but so many of my still single friends complain about it. It's like jerk insurance. They tell you up front that they never want to commit, have kids, get married or really do anything but play xbox and occassionally hook up, and so, that makes it ok that they never call unless they are a. in a wedding and need a date. b. want you to cook and poss. show some love or c. telling you that 'it's not working out and they are engaged to a co-worker'.

I've been married for awhile so my 'that' guys may be old school, but I think they still slink around.
Also, another word on being that girl. Be you. That's who you are.


Mindy said...

Hi there!

I just thought I'd drop a note to let you now that the title of your blog has already been used! It's only because I see so many blogs now calling themselves "The Mommy Blog" that I'm contacting folks to let them know of the pre-existing blogs to cut down on confusion and cases of mistaken identity. For instance, if you were to type in www.mommyconfidential.com, you'd get my site. I'm also Wonderbellly and the original TheMommyBlog.com.

It's all meant in good will; it's just that I noticed you're relatively new and that you don't have years of traffic to worry about redirecting if you change...

All the best,

Mindy Roberts
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Kendra Haneline said...

huh... inerstin(southern talk for interesting)