Monday, January 21, 2008

Some girls have all the luck


Ok, Really I don't have all the luck, if I did, in fact have all the luck, I'd be vacationing in Maui, or at the very least, Florida.
But I don't.
I do, however, have some luck, because I WON(!!!) a doorprize at the booksigning on Friday, whoohooo!
The whole affair was fun and fabulous, not just because I got a day away from the minimemonsters, but I spent practically the whole day in my mothership (bookstores)
Together, my Mom and I got something like 35 new (to us) books.
I also met a REAL LIFE AUTHOR, who writes, you know, BOOKS, and I could have asked her millions of questions, instead I got really red in the face (curse of the freckly red heads) and mumbled something like, you're so pretty. I know, creepy.
Nice lady that she was, HRH Jill Conner Brown, and her husband, the cutest boy in the world were so funny and real and of course gracious, even to borderline stalkery me.
Also, worth mentioning, her whole presentation was better than going to a comedy club for women.
The Guide to raising children for fun and profit, is either her fifth or sixth book and (I believe) the first one in hardback so it's a little pricey, but I bought it anyway, the 22 bucks was well worth it, even just for the show.
The CBITW also takes pictures and makes you feel ridiculously special, so all in all, a great experience, now, If I only didn't dissolve into high school me every time I met someone moderately Kewl, I'd be OK.

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