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I don't actually love driving. I used to love it, when I first got my license I adored the feeling that when I got into my truck, I could go anywhere (and I could, gas was way cheaper back then, you know, in the dark ages) now driving is more a duty than a pleasure but that didn't stop me from LOOOOVVVVING Jess Riley's debut, Driving Sideways.

Today, live and on the blog, Jess Riley herself was kind enough to drop by for a little soiree' in honor of her new book. Sit back, have a drinky-poo, and read on for the most informative interview questions EVER!!

Ok, we're here at the hottest launch Par-tay of the season with Driving Sideways author Jess Riley, somebody get Jess a drink! Jess, first things first, who are you wearing?

A sandwich board advertising a local vacuum cleaner repair shop. Actually, I’ll tell you the glamorous, jet-setting truth: my comfiest slippers, a workout outfit that hasn’t been worked out in properly for some time, and lots of residual dirt from working in my garden all day.

Perfect, now, if you were getting a famous kidney, who's would you wish for?

Hmmm…I feel very fortunate to not be in that position, but I’ll tell you—if I needed a new kidney, Keith Richards wouldn’t make the list. Maybe I’d wish for Cillian Murphy’s…but if I received Cillian’s kidney, I’d walk around blushing constantly. (Because of the, uh, recent proximity and connection of said organ to his … um, well, you know….)

I have to say, Jess, you are glowing. Now, what is your favorite thing about the writing process?

Thanks! See, I knew something positive would come out of growing up near massive power lines. I’d have to say my favorite thing about the writing process is finishing. No, actually, I still can’t get used to the fact that someone liked a story I wrote enough to pay me for it so they could share it with other readers. That part is pretty freaking cool. Also (and here’s a serious answer for you), I love when my characters take me in directions I had no idea they wanted to go. That feels like absolute magic.

Convertible road trip-top up or top down?

Top down, but only on the back roads. Top down on the Interstate sounds like a recipe for never combing my hair again.

Hmmm, I am intrigued, what's on your Ultimate Road Trip mix tape?

Oooh, I love this question!! I actually just made an iMix of songs I listened to while writing Driving Sideways or mention in the book.
Here's the link.

Fabulous, now are any of your characters based on real people, any situations on real life experiences?

HELL, I’d like to introduce you to YEAH. My protagonist Leigh’s best friend is a massage therapist based on my best friend Cindy…who was an AMAZING sport about it, because I do poke some gentle fun at her new-aginess. There are also tons of anecdotes I lifted from life (the truth or dare game with the pube incident? True.), and a run-in with an ex-boyfriend very loosely based on some of my exes. Well, one of them, really. And he should be very grateful I didn’t give his fictional counterpart a tiny penis.

That is funny! and so true! What's up next?

I’m currently working on novel number two, which takes place in a medium-security men’s prison. I taught in one in college and felt the setting was absolutely ripe with potential for dark humor and fascinating storylines. I don’t touch on the inmates much—it’s actually a story focused on the staff, featuring a social worker in a wheelchair who falls for a teacher who falls for a guard. It also deals with getting over one of the worst kinds of romantic betrayals. I just figured out how it’s going to end last Friday. THANK GOD.

OK, well I'm sure we'll all rush out for our own copies and copies to give as gifts...and so on, by the way, does this cake make me look fat?

You’re so sweet! Thank you so much for chatting with me and plying me with drinks. And no way does that cake make you look fat. It’s a scientifically proven fact that the larger the slice of cake, the slimmer we look holding it.

Everyone, Go, go, go to your nearest Amazon or bookstore and scoop up driving sideways, it's the perfect combo of hilarity and heart tuggyness. I really loved it.
Thanks to Jess for stopping by, we hope she can get the cake out of her hair, and we wish her MUCHO sucess ....

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Jess Riley said...

Thank you, m'dear!! You are awesome. I had lots of fun with this one. :)