Wednesday, May 7, 2008

messy and unexpected

OK, so random book reviews are going by the wayside for a bit, in light of Mother's Day being right around the corner and all.

Recently, I was filling out some formamajig and one of the 'questions' (I'm using questions, because really we all know they are not questions, more like passive aggressive statements, but, I digress) was

Describe yourself in two words.

oh Crap.

oops, was that my two words...shoot.

You surely see my dilemma, I'm many things, but a women of short and sweet I am not.

If anything, I need two words to simply begin describing myself.

I thought long and hard. Realistically, it was like two seconds because if I was given time to think about something, I overthink.

Which of course, is what I'm doing now.

My two words were Messy and unexpected. Now, I do realize that messy to one person is not necessarily messy to another. I didn't mean sloppy messy, I meant happy messy.

I meant that given the choice of cleaning the living room or playing kitchen with the monster brigade, I would mess up that play area even more because my kids mean so much to me. I meant that if I had to choose to load the dishwasher or listen to one of K's original arrangements, I would give her the same attention I intend to give the American Idol tour.

My children are young still. And so am I. (well, relatively)

They won't have me to tea always and I won't always get to be their biggest fan. One day, I'll be the last person on their list instead of the first.

But, I didn't get to say all that. I just said messy.

Sometimes you have to say it all with one or two words and this is not me at all. I'm not sloppy messy (most of the time, or on purpose) I like when my house is clean, but I love to hear one of the kids say Thanks Mom even more.

Unexpected, well that one is a lot easier.

I have several paradoxes to my personality, due to my unconventional childhood. Which, while I was in it, hated, but now that I've grown up and gotten over it, I really loved.

So I am, Messy and Unexpected.

But, I'm also, Late, but reliable

Fun, and serious.

Devoted and wishy-washy (ok, is this one word? or two?)

Now that I'm approaching thirty, I appreciate who I am.

Someone who can't be described in two words.

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PrincessSedai said...

Sincere and longing

I want so badly to be all the things I want to be. I want them with all my heart. There is this amazing, self-confident, accomplished woman in me, but so often I am just here, full of doubt. But the longing is there, and even when I mess up, I do it with sincere intentions. So although I may sound a little hard on myself, at least I am trying!