Friday, May 2, 2008

Am not Crazy..Am Hormonal. is good excuse.

Dear Rhianna***,

Hello, Hope you are doing well, It's good to see that you still don't resemble a bus backing up when you wear an yellow sundress. I hope you are starting to feel a little bit better, but if not, please consider antidepressants. (Yeah, drugs!) We can send you a FREE month. That's thirty pills for NOTHING*. If you'd like to be in on this exiting ground floor opportunity, all you have to do is fill out this easy form (please include current credit card number, children's names and social security numbers and last will and testament).

Thanks in Advance.
Random big name drug company...**
*UM? hello? why do you need my credit card if offer is free?
**Can you see crazy all the way from new york city?
***names and some identifying details have been changed to protect innocent.

Dear Money sucking economy ruining spam mailing Pharmaceutical Company***

Am not crazy, am mother of three children under the age of five.
Am only fat because cannot find time to eat well and exercise (and quite frankly, like food)
So, you and "FREE" product do not tempt me.
Also, am uninterested in quick fixes for mental state, am just fine two weeks out of the month.

Thanks after the fact for your concern****,

****is sarcasm.
PS. Am girl, last time I looked so I have every right to be crazy.

did they really think spamming me for my CREDIT CARD NUMBER would work?
Sadly, I'm thinking they did, and that someone may have actually fallen for it.
Do you think they'll only say I'm mad cuz I'm crazy.
Good thing I'm a lunatic, otherwise, I might be concerned.


PrincessSedai said...

Just wanted to publicly thank you for helping me keep my sanity all day today. I did wonder however if some free drugs would not have done us both some good as we cropped our brains out. I have to brag on my girl, at National Scrapbook Day today my girl made 36, yes 36, pages!

The Gardner Gang said...

I love the part about being fine two weeks of the month. AMEN GIRL!!! I do too.