Monday, May 12, 2008

Party over HERE (it could mean cake, people)

Hope everyone had a good Mother's Day weekend, I for one feel like I've been hit in the face with a shoe. (toothache, I haven't actually been assaulted with footwear)I relaunched Writing Mommy, so my excerpts will be exclusively over the-ah, feel free to visit, comment, or to be just plain voyeuristic, and lurk.
Now, for the random book review portion of the month.
I told you it was coming and NOW, I'm delivering.
Next week I'll have Jess Riley, her Brand Spanking NEW book will be coming out on Tuesday May 20th (though it will not be available at TAR-Jey until June 19th)
It's called Driving Sideways, and I'm superexited because the chapter excerpt on Amazon promises big fun and big suprises. If you have time shoot over and pre-order or you can wait to be intrigued by our fun Blogstravaganza next week!
We will be having a launch party her at Target Diva, so I want everyone to crank up the White Stripes, pop open a bottle o' somethin' somethin' or mix a nice sweet daiquiri and prepare to tell your Road trippin stories. We are gonna get buck wild up in here. (Ok, honestly, probably not so wild, but fun stuff, seriously, superfun) Stop by, you just might get a super bag o' swag or just win a free book.
Jess will not just be here, but she'll be all ovah, so look around you never know where that crazy girl might be.
As school winds to a close, my oldest ankle-biter gets more and more anxious about the onset of
'actual summer'. She needs daily updates on 'when the pool will be open?, and when can I stop going to school for a while?.
Which I am going to be OK with, because she's done really well this year, and she's allowed to be a little disenchanted at this point.
I won't lie, however, no pre-school, play school, actual school, or dance classes leaves me in a bit of a bind. I will have ALL my kids, ALL day long, FOR two whole months.
Maybe I should look into dog kennels.
joking, joking.
I'm hoping now that all progeny are mobile units, we'll be able to spend some time outside this summer, and not hide away as if we are allergic to sunlight, and might sprout unsightly fangs if exposed. I wasn't much of an outside girl as a kid, much preferring to lounge in the shade with the latest 'Sweet Valley Twins' tome and squeal when anything with legs, antennae or freckles came anywhere near me. But now as an adult, I appreciate a little fresh air, and of course the ability of the outside to calm even the most savage toddler.
I'm stocking up on suntan lotion and hoping for the best.
(The best being I'm not institutionalized on Day Two of summer)


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PrincessSedai said...

Girl, you are going to have a great summer, rough moments and all. Personally, I have found resigning myself to the "kids all the time" situation and then plunging in works great. I was even able to get used to homeschooling my Aspie, although breaks are nice. Maybe we can Y and play date and craft day and all sorts of cool stuff!