Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids.

I just finished one of Jodi Picoult's fabulous books, Vanishing Acts, and as per usual, I'm floored. I'm amazed that she keeps coming up with brilliant ideas and executing them so flawlessly and brilliantly. I also feel a kinship because she has three children and a husband with a full time job (he did retire early recently to help, because of her overwhelming success)
This book had an interesting theme (all of hers do, I recommend Nineteen Minutes) a father had kidnapped his daughter and was only arrested after she had grown up and was an adult. He took her for a lot of reasons, but the main one was that her mother was an alcoholic.
Alcoholism is thick on one side of my family and I struggle to understand how a liquid could be more important than a child. I'm sure that addiction doesn't make that distinction, but sometimes I wish it would. I won't be tedious with the details of the book, but it's definitely worth a read.
On a happier note, my kids continue to be hilarious and comedy club ready.
My middle daughter, the Queen of Drama, is far more verbal than she rightfully should be.
She and her younger brother (not that much younger) are constantly mistaken for twins.
A few days ago, as we are strolling into the Y, she and a lady began conversing about all manner of things, not the least of which were the fact that she and YB were twins.
Q of D: We are not twins, I'm so much older than him (not true, only 16 months separate them, but apparently in her mind, it's eons)
Nice Lady: I see, what's your name?
Now, how many times have I told my daughter to not share her name and her brothers name with strangers, no matter how nice? At least a bajillion.
Q of D: Leesy Finnegan. And this is Brady Michael Finnegan.
OK, again, this is why I've not taught Leesy our address and phone number. Not that strangers understand all of what she says, but still.
Nice Lady: And where are you from?
Q of D: (I'll note here that Ailise had her are you stupid? look on, she adopted from her older sister who brought it home from school. I wish she could have just brought home the flu like a normal kid) I'm from Jesus, where are you from?
At least her Baptist Preschool teaching is sinking in, although, I'm pretty sure the lady thought we lived on Jesus St.
MOPPERs, I'll post the denver brunch bake recipe later in the week.
Also, don't forget to check out writing MOMMY, my works in progress blog, I love to hear what people think.
And, I will have Jess Riley here ON THURSDAY, I'm very exited. Her new book came out this week, and I'm honored that she's going to be a guest.
I also would like to thank all my friends who've linked my blog to theirs, I'm met some great friend of friends, and it's been really nice.
I'm back in the land down under (OUTBACK) for the summer at least and although I'm just waiting tables, it's a grown up job, out of the house so I'm pretty exited. Come visit whenever you can, I'd love to see one and all, plus you can visit the Yellow mall and snatch up all the deals.
Ok, I should go, there's mutiny afoot.
Hope every one's having a great week.

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PrincessSedai said...

Your sweet Leesy - at least she is not the type to just sit back and take it! If you are oging to be mistaken for someone 16(?) mo younger, at least she can stand up for herself. She makes me laugh.