Friday, April 25, 2008

Barely controlled Chaos

I'm in a great mood today despite the madness that has been my Morning. I don't know why, perhaps it's reverse PMS or something (and if I could bottle it I'd be rich, rich, rich!!) As most of you who have children know, it's a WORKDAY, which means my oldest is home today and by transmitting some high pitched kids only whistle/screech has turned my home into her own personal 'Lord of the Flies' part duex. They yelled and screamed upstairs and hollered and fought downstairs.

While I? seriously considered tossing them into the yard after hogtying them together.

But I didn't, I suppose in part to my good mood and the fact that they may get into more trouble in the yard than in here.

Ah well.

I will have the second part of the excerpt later today, but it is not forthcoming right this second because I haven't have time to proofread. (hint: What Rhianna should be doing right now? I'll take working on her writing and not blathering self-serving blogs for 200 Alex)
In Happy camper news, I will not be winning neatest Camper again this year. But, in my defense, I was a really neat camper when I lived at home. Now, for some odd reason, my kids think they live here, and are allowed to toss their thousands of possesions willy nilly until I scream 'ENOUGH!' and toss them all upstairs (which I affectionately refer to as 'the toy pit'.)

I have noticed in my travels (you know, to Uptown Shelby and home) that there is an unusual amount of garbage lately. Is this because everyone is moving or are people actually spring cleaning? Or perhaps people are rebelling against the very notion of going Green and are just throwing away as much as they can in an attempt to sabotage our poor planet as quickly as possible? I just wondered because not only have I witnessed an abnormal amount of waste, but also people digging through it, (surely they purexed before and after, right?) and (I swear this is true) someone had actually put a sign on their garbage that said 'Garbage only, no clothing'. I wish I had my camera and the guts to get out of the car and photograph it. I say resist the urge to dig through someone's waste, in this time of Asian bird toxic hepatitis I think it would be a tad unsafe. That's just me, tho, it's up to you.

But, if I'm sitting on a couch you salvaged from a street corner, please don't tell me.

Unless you'd like to see a fat lady jump up and run, then by all means, lay it on me.


Anonymous said...

It is bulk household waste pickup in Shelby this week, so the streets are literally flowing over with trash. And, it is true, tons of people are digging through said garbage of people they do not know. In fact we got stuck behind a line of pickups driving 2 miles an hour while they looked to see if the junk they were passing by had anything they needed - it is crazy!

Anonymous said...

that is so funny because i saw the exact same sign on some trash in the street and i laughed seriously hard!! brae