Friday, April 18, 2008

Miss Disaster and the Back up Brats

Things that could have been a Disaster if not for my ace parenting skills and highly honed powers of observation.
1. Brady finding Fruity Pebbles and getting out the bag inside the box.
2. Brady figuring out the toaster (and, apparently, how to climb up on bar stools)
3. Brady learning that Diaper is Optional Clothing (umm, wait, this was a pretty big disaster)
4. Ailise deciding to tattoo her brother with PERMANENT SHARPIE.
5. Ailise realizing things leave when flushed down the toliet (Don't want to wear shoes? FLUSH THEM!!)
6. Keegan deciding to 'clean' all of our DVD's with febreeze and baby wipes.
7. Cheetos. White shirt. Well, I think it's self explanatory.
8. any one of them feeding the dog Play-doh, moon sand, the rest of their Easter Candy.

Also, forgive last night's post, I realize now that I was so tired I could barely talk, let alone write, so I'm not even sure I spell checked. OH well.
In things I'm loving right now..
Check this out..
Have a great weekend.

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