Monday, April 7, 2008

My children are gifts...

...and sometimes I wish I'd kept the receipt.
and on that note, I hope everyone had a better weekend than I did. I doubt I had more than two hours of sleep at a time. (not just kids fault, mind working overtime)
My children were not physically ill, they just had a touch of the selective hearing virus and the willful and malicious fever.
They. Did. Not. Listen. To. A. Single. Word. We. Said.
If some generous gypsies had happened upon us, they would have three new recruits. Heck, if animal control had stopped by...
OK, you get the point. Long Weekend, children bad. blah, blah....
We were at Elevation on Sunday and there was a guest speaker. I hate to say anything bad about the wonderful ministry we helped launch, but I was a little disappointed on Sunday. I was really looking foward to the speaker, Michael Leahy, who was quite a speaker, but really stopped just short of shocking and awing me.
Maybe I'm jaded, or perhaps we didn't have quite enough time to delve all the way into Mr. Leahy's story (he is a self-professed sex addict, and lost his family, job and will to live..I think.)but, I missed a lot of the 'wow this is great' ministry that is usually what Elevationeers are known for.
There was no scriptural integration, no referencing the bible at all really, and I was left a little cold from the whole thing.
The sermon series is Break Out, and like all of Elevation's series it is in your face and very raw and real. I think once I hear the whole of the sermons together I will understand and possibly enjoy it more. You can hear it for yourself on the Elevation website or download it free on itunes. If you get a chance, I'd love to hear your take. If not, don't even worry about it.
In other news!!!!
Jennifer Weiner's long awaited new book Certain Girls finally, finally comes out tomorrow. Check out the new website, her new pic is fabulous.
Time for my morphine drip to help me sleep girlz....
Sorry no list...
OK, here it is.
things I wish I could do...
1. Bowl.
2. Play tennis.
3. Speak (not just read, a little) Latin.
4. Hula hoop for longer than three seconds.
5. Say what I mean to say.
6. Read minds.
7. Sleep.
8. Sleep.*not to be confused with #7.
9. Finish my book already.
10. Find my waist.
11. Juggle...
and finally.
12. sing. In fact, I'm going to go buy a bucket. (to carry that tune...what? not funny?)
OK, perhaps I'm delirious. No matter.
Pay no attention to the short fat lady behind the keyboard laughing maniacally and swigging red bull. She knows not what she types.

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Kendra Haneline said...

You are hilarious! My college roomie drove up from FL this weekend & they were supposed to go to Elevation. I'll be anxious to hear her take. Hang in there girl! PS... I'm not looking forward to summer. Yeah it's a break, but the kids are with us ALL DAY LONG... ALL SUMMER. Can we say day camp at the Y? All together now....