Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Day Gone and A dollar Flat

It's official. I totally didn't win the Erma Bombeck writing contest.

And I have to say, it totally sucks, but rather than wallowing in misery (well, since I've already done that for two hours) I will be brave and assume that I was just overlooked.

In other headline news : Leesy is three!

Which means she's still roughly the size of a two year old with a ten year olds wit and vocabulary.

It's disconcerting. We did have a good day (sort of) We started at Club Libby Lu ,

which I assumed would be right up Leesy's alley, but instead she screamed like a wild hyena was attacking her head when the girl started to put in bobby pins. Instead, Keegan got a gorgeous princess hairdo, make-up and manicure, while the birthday girl clung to my chest and whimpered, until we passed the play area on our way out, when she was magically cured her whatever the heck was wrong and played for almost an hour before deciding we would Build a new Bear that says happy birthday. So we did. (another hour chasing three year old around build a bear, all the while lugging our 'loot' from Libby Lu's, OH? didn't I mention Leesy still wanted her haul, she just didn't want anyone touching her? )

Now, we decide to eat (OK, they decide to eat and I wonder if the mall has a pharmacy that might slip me a few Paxil Ativan Xanax)

Silly me, we didn't bring in the stroller (always, always bring the stroller into the mall. Always.)

So I have....A mini dog carrying pocketbook, Leesy's 'accident' backpack, Keegan's new beach bag, two Build-a-bear boxes, my pocketbook and a wicked itch on my neck when the moron working at the Chinese kiosk places my food on one side of the tray and the food on the other.

Of course (I mean of course) this mean the tray flips as soon as I pick it up while people stream around me oblivious to the fact that I'm carrying more bags that an oversea traveler and trying to balance a food tray and two little girls.

The joy of the spoiling of the birthday child.

The upside?

tonight when she went to sleep, I heard her playing her Birthday song (that Keegan and I had recorded for her, and stuck in her leopard, a pink one, again, of course it was pink) about seventy eight times.

so it was good.

here's hoping the batteries in those sound thingamajigs only last for a few days....

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The Gardner Gang said...

No such luck on the batteries. I'm still wating for Emma's to die since last October. It sounds like a day in the life of ME. You are quite a woman. It sounds like a fun day. You will have to tell me more about that other store. Gotta go get my kid out of the sink. Love ya, Bye
P.S. Hang in there with your writting it will get noticed.