Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Top Ten Reason I love Chocolate(and late nite TV)

OK, so not nearly as hot as Johnny Depp, but he's got a heck of a sense of humor( or his writers do) and he made the list famous.
So what could be more appropriate than having a top ten to begin my month of lists?

10 reasons I'm a chocoholic.

1. Everything else is illegal, and makes your teeth fall out and your skin look terrible.
2. Chocolate doesn't talk back, scream to have it's diaper changed, beg for your food, or make fun of it's chocolatey buddies.
3. Chocolate kisses, chocolate cheesecakes, and brownies. The trifecta.
4. Calorie-free when shared with friends!
5. It's the one thing my Dad and I have in common (besides some pretty good DNA, and the ability to make people comfortable)
6. HOT Chocolate.
7. You can get it anywhere, even at the bookstore, Books and Chocolate the perfect combination.
8. Supporting the cocoa bean industry makes me feel a part of the industrial food chain.
9. I'm pretty sure it can cure diseases. (Like stupid and PMS)
10. Because I am, and I don't care who knows it!!! Now hand over the candy bar and no-one gets hurt.

Not quite as clever as Dave, but admittedly, he has help. Also, I gots a whole month to milk this thing and I don't want give all my stuff away right at first.
If you're wondering what my favorite chocolate of all time is, It's these , they are divine!
But if I can't afford eight dollar truffles Dove will do.
What's the thing you love and would pine for on a desert island??

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