Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ulgy is the new pretty.

I'm a terrible parent. Or that's what I tell myself when I'm loosing my patience for the fifth time or screaming irrationally or any one of the million things I DO that you just AREN'T supposed to do.
Here's a list of my most grievous offenses, in no particular order.
1. I don't like playing tea party, cars, choo choo or horsey, but I do it, though not always with a smile.
2. We rarely let our children 'cry it out', and when we attempted it, I ended up in tears hovering near their doors, thinking about future therapy bills and possible detachment issues.
3.I'm not a alphabet, color or nap time Nazi. We hover around a schedule of School, Y, play date, lunch nap, outside. But we don't freak out if it's missed. Sometimes we pay a high price for this.
4. I forget. All the time. Sometimes when I finally, finally lay down at night I can count up to ten things I said we would do 'in just a minute' or 'later' that I never quite got to. I really hate this.
5. I have been known, on occasion, to curse in front of my little ears. I resist the urge to run to confession and Keegan's kindergarten teacher to explain that I had stubbed my toe, Brady had broken all the eggs and Leesy was climbing on the cabinet again.
6. Potty training nearly put me in a mental institution.
7. Also, on rare occasions, I've been more worried about what my kids LOOK like that what they are ACTING like (parentless heathens without a lick of sense)
8. I lick my finger and clean faces. There, I said it.
9. Sometimes, the TV is my unpaid babysitter.
10. Sometimes, my husband is my unpaid babysitter (I guess this is not a parenting mistake, more a wife mistake, but still)
The fact that I still have a few frightens and concerns me, but I'll forge on..
11. Sometimes a balanced lunch is an apple and potato chips and a multivitamin in the car. (oh the embarrassment!)
12. I dress my kids alike. A lot, more often than is strictly necessary. but it's cute. and I like it.
13. My biggest parenting mistake is that I don't give myself credit for the things that I'm doing right, that I don't tell my friends what great parents they are and how it's really awesome how hard we try, and that I don't tell my kids quite as often as I should that they are beautiful, wonderful amazing creatures, and I love them.
pat yourself on the back you face-lickers, we're doing the best we can!!

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The Gardner Gang said...

Preach on sister. You can count almost all of those "crimes" against me too. Somethime I just want to scream THERE ARE FOUR OF THEM AND ONE OF ME!!!! However I dearly hate it when people tell me I am doing good for having four kids. I don't want to do good in spite of having my kids I want to do good PERIOD. Oh and uh at times Katie and Emma are my unpaid babysitters. Emma is the natural entertainer in the group so I "let" her entertain her brothers so I can take a shower.
You are doing a great job your kids don't just look good they are good. Be encouraged and give yourself a little more credit. You are just braver than most for admiting it.
Love ya,